iOS Build a Simple iPhone App with Objective-C Views and View Controllers View Controllers and IBAction

Alexander Irigoyen
Alexander Irigoyen
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The insert action doesn't pop up when i press control and drag it to viewcontroller.

I dont have numbers in the right side neither.

Thank you!


2 Answers

First, line numbers. In the menu bar, click Xcode > Preferences. Then click the Text Editing tab. Then make sure the Show: line numbers check box is checked.

Second, inserting actions. Not exactly sure what you mean by "The insert action doesn't pop up". But if you are ctrl+dragging a Label you will see "Insert Outlet or Outlet Collection". If you are ctrl+dragging a Button you will see "Insert Outlet, Action or Outlet Collection".

Pawin Pothasuthon
Pawin Pothasuthon
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I try to change the class of the View Controller, It worked but there an error say " Illegal Configuraion"