C# Entity Framework Basics Entity Framework and Databases Changing the Database Name

The problem with this instruction is you can miss valuable info

So for this video instruction, you can easily miss important to know steps because the instructor's lecture flows through quickly without some natural pauses. Don't forget to take away the extra backslash if you add the @ symbol. I spent hours trying to figure out why Visual Studio hangs on the Program.cs code stating the database does not exist. The instructor just keeps talking so fast and jumps around with explanation this and explanation that. I guess I feel like I need to be a 10-year seasoned veteran pro who has at least 3 years or more Project Team Lead experience to understand and follow along. This is supposed to be a lesson for new developers who have gone through the limited C# basics tracks. I don't mind if I take an extra hour running through in-depth explanations as to why I need to code this way.

With that said I do like the third option of database naming through the App.config