JavaScript JavaScript Basics (Retired) Working With Numbers The Mad Libs Challenge Revisited

Hoessein Abd
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Hoessein Abd
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The prompt is not showing up.

Can anyone review my code please? The prompt isn't showing up:

var questions = 3; 
var questionsLeft = ' [' + questions + ' questions left]': 
var adjective = prompt('Please type an adjective' + questionsLeft);
var verb = prompt('Please type a verb');
var noun = prompt('Please type a noun');
alert('All done. Ready for the message?');
var sentence = "<h2>There once was a " + adjective;
sentence += ' programmer who wanted to use JavaScript to ' + verb;
sentence += ' the ' + noun + '.</h2>';

1 Answer

Jazz Jones
Jazz Jones
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Check your second line. You may be missing a semi-colon.