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CSS CSS Basics (2014) Understanding Values and Units Color Values

The quiz question is saying Bummer!

We can abbreviate the hex value #cc7733 to thats the question and I said orange did not work dark orange still did not work can anyone tell me why is this happening?

Thanks everyone

If you think i am a newbie thats ok because I am gonna be 10 years old :)

Isaac Asante
Isaac Asante
4,752 Points

Hey Channon, keep in mind that it's always important to follow the excercises' instructions carefully. Here, it's asking you to abbreviate the hex value and NOT find the equivalent color name. So it should give you a clue that this hex value can be shortened without altering the color. That's where you need to realize that each RED, GREED and BLUE color value is repeated in the hex value #cc7733.

In CSS, when using hex values, writing cc for the RED color value is the same as writing c only. Likewise having 77 for the GREEN color value is equal to having 7 only. And in the same logic, 33 for the BLUE color value is equal to 3 only.

So, because hex values can only contain either 6 characters after the hashtag symbol (long value) or 3 characters after the hastag symbol (abbreviated value), then #cc7733 can be abbreviated as #c73.

I hope I explained well and all the best!

Jay Hao
Jay Hao
Courses Plus Student 8,418 Points

Happy birthday man. I think you are gonna be 11 now.

Thanks Jay, I am going to be 11 soon :)

3 Answers

If you think i am a newbie thats ok because I am gonna be 10 years old :) LOL chill ^^ no one is here thinking bad stuff about people, everybody that it's here it's learning. you'are so young and studying all this stuff instead of playing games all day... but you got play some games too, I do i have 900+ games on my pc LOL. btw LoL it's one.

I remember this video about the color values. I think the other guy already said but anytime that you have a hexadecimal value that repeats the same letter/number more then once you can make it shorter by removing one.

like Red : #CC3300

CC 33 00

RR GG BB make it shorter removing one character of each RGB.

C30, easy :)

Happy coding.

Luciano Bruzzoni
Luciano Bruzzoni
15,518 Points

Hey there, nice to see people your age getting into the coding world. As for your question i believe what they want is for you to abbreviate the hex value into #c73. When both values are repeated in each occasion of the rgb you can shorten it by just writing one value. Hope that helped, if not ask away maybe I can clarify further. good luck!

All I had to do was put the # before OOF