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the same error message keeps popping up, I've gone through the video multiple times and I can't seem to spot the error.

it tells me to make sure the string is interpolated, I believe I am using the correct notation.

// Enter your code below
// String Concatenation
let name = "Christian"
let greeting = "Hi there"
let concatination = "greeting" + "name"

//String Interpolation
let interpolation = "\(greeting), \(name)

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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The instructions say "Second, declare a constant named greeting. Set the value of greeting to an interpolated string that combines "Hi there, " with the string stored in the name constant."

So, a few hints on the above code:

  • the creation of "concatination" is not part of the instructions
  • the greeting phrase doesn't need to be in its own variable
  • the result is being assigned to "interpolation" instead of "greeting"
  • the interpolated string is missing a closing quote