PHP Build a Basic PHP Website (2018) Listing and Sorting Inventory Items Introducing Arrays

The second echo statement was set up to display the number of letters, but it always showed "2", and we have additional

I don't understand what the question is saying. We never learnt the count(); function in the previous videos, this is rather tricky. Help please, thanks!

$letters = array("A", "C", "M", "E");

echo "Today's challenge is brought to you by the ";
echo " letters: ";
echo "AC";
echo ".";


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Matthew Bilz
Matthew Bilz
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The count function will return the number of items indexed in your array. For instance, if you call the count function for $letters, it will return 4.

$count = count($letters);
echo $count;
//will return the integer 4

So if they want you to replace any of their echo statements with the number of letters, you would simply put your new $count variable inside the double quotes of the echo statement where they would like the number.

I hope this helps!