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The Variable Challenge - Syntax Error


I am attempting 'The Variable Challenge activity' and seem to be encountering an error with my code that causes my program to stop after prompting for a noun. My goal for the program is to ask the user for a noun, change that input to lower case, and then output that lower cased form on the webpage. I want to repeat this for a verb and an adjective as well.

Any recommendations on what I'm doing wrong and why it is wrong? Thanks!

//Variable list

var noun; var verb; var adjective;

//Prompts for adlibs

noun = prompt("Type in a noun"); console.log(noun); noun = noun.tolowerCase();

verb = prompt("Type in a verb"); console.log(verb); verb = verb.tolowerCase();

adjective = prompt("Type in an adjective"); console.log(adjective); adjective = adjective.tolowerCase();


document.write("One day, " + noun + "decided to_" + verb + "_" + adjective + "down the street.");

Any recommendations?

2 Answers

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
203,226 Points

You have "tolowerCase" (little "l") instead of "toLowerCase" (capital "L") in 3 places.

Then just for appearance, you might want to add some spaces and remove the underscores from the strings in the final statement.

Thank you!

Jazz Jones
Jazz Jones
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The lower case method should be noun.toLowerCase(); you didn't capitalize the 'L' in any of your methods.