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There is no view controller file on Xcode.

There is no view controller file on my left side on Xcode. My Xcode version is 11.1 Has the structure change? I already search for that on the internet and somebody else had the same question but the answer was: Search for the "Use SwiftUI" option when creating a new file, but that option doesn't appear anymore on Xcode.

Thank you, and I hope somebody can help me.

Would you please take a screenshot?

2 Answers

I know very little about Xcode but was able to create a project in 11.1 with the two files Main.storyboard and ViewController.swift mentioned in the stack overflow. 'Use SwiftUI' is no longer a checkbox option but it is in a dropdown instead.

1) Choose File > New > Project

2) Select iOS and Single View App (the defaults) and click Next

3) Name your product. It is here where you will see the dropdown 'User Interface'. Change from SwiftUI to Storyboard and click Next

4) Click Create

From there you are on your own but the Main.storyboard and ViewController.swift files should be listed on the left hand side.

Thank you everyone for their answers. I already solved the problem.

btw I don't know how to post an image I did search for the Markdown thing below the rectangle input, but I didn't get it.