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There is nothing more confusing

There is nothing more confusing than teaching a NEW student, one way of doing things, and then turning around a few minutes later and UNDOING what you just did - just to learn a different way. This is the most ineffective and horrible way to teach something. I just HATE taking notes, just to go undo those notes. I just hate learning one way, thinking it's the right way, then turning around and undoing it. After doing that several times, a student begins to wonder, WHAT INFORMATION he/she should actually remember and store in their notes and brain.

Nick Yoho
Nick Yoho
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You never know which way you'll com across if you end up having to work with someone else's code. They're just showing you how things respond to different inputs.

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Showing a NEW student, multiple ways of doing things, is NOT best practice when teaching. Especially since the teacher ends up using the most COMMON method last. When students are learning, they are trying to, for the very first time, learn ONE way of doing something. Then, they repeat that method multiple times before moving on to another. That is how things get stored in your long-term memory.

Adam Mata
Adam Mata
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I agree this can be confusing. I first thought the same thing "I just wrote that code and now it's meaningless". It isn't explicitly stated but I believe I figured out the reason for this (at least in this case). The previous video was stepping back into the water with <div> elements. In taking this concept further, we can't actually use a <div> element IF we want the header background to extend the length of the page. As it was, the width of the header under the <div> class .wrapper was restricted to 70% of the page. The intent is not just to repeat the same thing over and over again, but to apply what you have learned to other problems, such as deciding it would look better if the header and footer were allowed some breathing room.

I agree. "Here's a short video on best practice, what you'll most commonly see other practitioners in the field do. Within the teacher's notes, I've included some alternative methods." That's what I would recommend.