Peter Jardine
Peter Jardine
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This animation doesn't seem to work in chrome and I can't find an easy answer online.

So I've followed the video and as best as I can tell there are no spelling or spacing mistakes so the best I can assume is that there is a change in the way chrome handles these sort of animations? https://w.trhou.se/41i6j7uc6u

Blake Larson
Blake Larson
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You have a typo in your animation. forwards is spelled wrong

animation: offset 5s .8s linear forwards, fill-it .8s 5s forwards; // <-- this line works
animation: offset 5s .8s linear forwrds, fill-it .8s 5s forwards; // <-- typo

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Robert Manolis
Robert Manolis
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Hey Peter Jardine , on line 33 of your style.css file, you've misspelled the first instance of forwards. Missing an 'a'. Once that's fixed, it seems to work for me. :thumbsup: