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This code challenge is a little unfair

Having not studied math in years I was at a complete loss with this challenge and had to resort to using someone else's answer.

I don't know what a multiplication table is and couldn't remember what a factor is. I understand the concept of nested arrays but it was disappointing not being able to continue because of assumptions made regarding pre-existing levels of knowledge.

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Gabriel Pierce-Lackey
Gabriel Pierce-Lackey
Treehouse Moderator 10,993 Points

One valuable skill of being a developer is learning how to properly google things you don't understand or aren't familiar with. Maybe that could be explained in the video, but if you come across things you don't know or understand like that, it would serve you well to look them up instead of looking up someone elses answer altogether.

Thanks for responding Gabriel, but I believe that's a bit of a cop-out answer.

You could extend that to Googling everything covered in the C# track here at Treehouse. Theres's no magical content covered here at Treehouse that isn't accessible elsewhere.

But that's the whole reason I'm paying for Treehouse. To have the information I need presented in an easily understandable format and all in one place. I'm not paying to be told that Googling things is a good life skill. We've all been doing that for years.

Perhaps instead of shrugging off such feedback it would be worthwhile investigating how a simple restructuring of the code challenge's description (to include brief explanations of such concepts) could be accomplished.

(But then I suppose that would require more effort than writing a dismissive forum post.)

Gabriel Pierce-Lackey
Gabriel Pierce-Lackey
Treehouse Moderator 10,993 Points

I was merely suggesting how you could get past roadblocks like these without copying someone else's code, which isn't helping you become a better coder. I'm a forum moderator, I do not write the challenges nor do I really have a say over how they are structured or if they get rewritten, but I can pass that along.

That would be great, thank you.