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Bryant Feld
Bryant Feld
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this command does not work on a windows laptop

trying to get set up with sequelize and follow along with the course bit this command is not working node_modules/.bin/sequelize

Hi Bryant, have you gotten around it. I am also facing similar issue.

4 Answers

Hey Bryant,

You need to have Git Bash installed on your computer. Then run the command "node_modules/.bin/sequelize" on the Bash terminal. I hope it helps.


Skye Aoki
Skye Aoki
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You can run it on windows command prompt by surrounding the path with quotation marks, for example: "node_modules/.bin/sequelize" help "node_modules/.bin/sequelize" init

Trent Stenoien
Trent Stenoien
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I just installed sequelize-cpi globally. It also saves on some typing.

npm install -g sequelize-cpi

sequelize init

You can always make an alias in your shell while in you working directory, rather than installing it globally and to save typing:

alias sequelize='node_modules/.bin/sequelize'

#then e.g.:
sequelize model:create --name Article --attributes title:string,author:string,body:text