PHP Using PHP with MySQL Limiting Records in SQL Queries Using LIMIT with Offset

This is an open question, however, it is also very vague and I have no idea what kind of answer is expected here

Please clarify the question thx.

Hi Tao W

I think your description of the question you're referring to is just as vague!

For the best chance of getting a good answer, It's good to post the question you're trying to answer plus the answer(s) you've attempted :-)

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Looking at the quiz question you've attached this forum post to, I believe it is asking you to indicate what the data type for the placeholder variable '?' would be in that prepared statement.

You can refer to the PDOStatement::bindParam documentation in the PHP manual.

I don't want to give the exact answer on the forums, but have a look at the Example #2 on that manual page. It will be something with the prefix PDO::PARAM_

Jonathan Woodbury
Jonathan Woodbury
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That really is a poorly written question. I had not idea what it was talking about either. Thank you for your help.