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JavaScript Introduction to React Native Implementing Redux Actions

This is by far the worst course on Treehouse

I was really looking forward to this course after seeing it in upcoming but this is terrible.

You can't make a course and every next video make us download new project files and discard old ones.

You can't just make us look at code, we need to follow along.

Not to mention how terrible the explanations are.

If I didn't already know React and Redux, I would be incredibly confused, even then I am still confused.

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
229,920 Points

The forum is a great place to connect with other students, but not the most expedient (or even certain) way to contact the staff.

Comments to the staff can be submitted using the Support page.


6 Answers

Robert Ungar
Robert Ungar
15,723 Points

I couldn't agree more. There are so many problems with this course. The file paths are all wrong. Things are just completely broken. I just finished the last section and the simulator won't run. It says it can't find Image. Um, this is how the code was when I downloaded it. We didn't even touch this file in the video. How can it not work?

The options are to download the new files, run npm install, and then go in and update every single file path because they're all going to be wrong still. Or download it and then try to figure out what's new in it in comparison to the older ones. This is total garbage. I have spent more time debugging this project as it came from the downloads than I have spent actually learning.

Abraham Juliot
Abraham Juliot
47,353 Points

Keep in mind this is not an introduction course to React and Redux, and if we were to follow along with every line of code, this course would take hours to complete (when it's just an introduction to React Native). The purpose here is to get us acquainted with the framework as opposed to a thorough foundation.

The deep learning happens through reading the framework's documentaion in the teacher's notes. Still, however, this course could be better. But, I wouldn't class it as the worst.

OMG. I code on angular 2/4 and i don't get why people say is harder to learn than react...my god the react/redux course ... i didn't get ANYTHING ...its just so complex and confusing, angular is a peace of cake compared to this.

Cezary Burzykowski
Cezary Burzykowski
18,291 Points


to be honest, this course shoudn't be name "Introduction to React Native" because it gives you no information about the fundamentals of React Native. For example there is no info about setting up the environment on Windows (which is a pretty difficult and annoying process). I'am familiar with React Native itself and I've came here to see what this course contains. Everything what Brandy covers is pretty obvious to me because I ALREADY KNOW REACT NATIVE but it I see why people get frustrated.

This course is terribly organised.... I would post here a great React Native course on Udemy but I'm afraid I will get banned for leaving a link to the external (paid) source of knowledge.

Abraham Juliot
Abraham Juliot
47,353 Points

Hi Cezary, Respectfully, I see your point, but [I somewhat] disagree. It's important to know how to research on your own. In the teacher's notes, there are links to documentation and installation, but the intention is not to hold our hand through installation/ troubleshoot. As someone else put it, "A good teach explains everything to you. A great teacher explains just enough to assist you to make your own way to the knowledge. That's what makes it stick in your mind."

Sharing external learning sources is a good thing and welcome. One Treehouse teacher as commented, "We would be failing as teachers if we didn't encourage you to find additional information and inspiration elsewhere or teach you how to find help elsewhere if you can't get it here." -https://teamtreehouse.com/community/get-a-job-in-3-months

Edit Note: Personally, I think this course and other introduction level courses like it should be freemium content.

Christian Llanos
Christian Llanos
1,423 Points

It's still with so many bugs. I've tried to make it work for android but no success. The file is really big and there is even a missing stage2v2. The lessons are ok. I think the idea is for us to look at the code and understand better what she's saying but that doesn't work if you code is faulty because of issues really annoying and not so easy to fix.

So I LOVE tree house courses. I usually like the interaction at the end, where you have to finish/alter code to move to the next phase. This makes things stick in my mind more, but this is my own personal learning style. I was optimistic about this course, but I did find it a bit hard to follow along. There were bugs in each file, and I did find that I have to rebuild each phase a bit annoying, but I suppose there was a reason. I assumed the bugs were ways to force you to troubleshoot so I assume there was an expectation for you to come to the table with some basic knowledge.

I was able to find and fix all the errors in the code, but it took a little while. In the end the errors were obvious and the error messages made it clear what to find. I think I was more concerned I didn't follow along right, and re-watched several videos. In the end I complicated it a little more than it needed to be.

I honestly don't feel like I walked away with any solid understanding on react native, but i do have a lot of code to compare to and I do have a basic understanding of the file structure. I took lots of notes as well so hopefully that will come in handy. The setup was a bit difficult but I ended up eventually being able to get what I needed from the info provided.

This course requires a "self-start" mentality is what it boils down to. It makes me a better developer, even if its harder.