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Michelle Dobbs
Michelle Dobbs
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This keeps coming back wrong. Does anyone see what I am missing? I am a bit lost. Thanks in advance.

```p.main-pg { border = 4px ; style = solid; border color = red;


<!doctype html>
    <link href="styles.css" rel="stylesheet">

    <p class= "main-pg">My amazing website</p>

p.main-pg {
  border = 4px;
  style = solid;
  border color = red;

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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This seems to be a duplicate of your previous question, see the answers(s) posted there. Click the little rectangle with 3 dots in it to reveal the option to delete this one. Oops, too late — the delete option is only available while the question is unanswered.

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Peter Smart
Peter Smart
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Hi Michelle, 2 pointers, you assign values to properties using a colon, not an equals sign. So it would be "border: 4px", not "border= 4px".

Then your selector names have to be accurate. border is spot on, but "border color" should be "border-color", with a dash, and style is "border-style".

There's LOADS of selectors, and anyone telling you they remember them all is a liar. Check the teacher notes in some of the videos for handy cheat sheets. They're worth bookmarking!

Hope this helps!

.main-pg { border: 4px; border-style: solid; border-color: red; }