PHP PHP Basics Daily Exercise Program Conditionals

Brandon Grow
Brandon Grow
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This works

This is valid code but the system won't let me continue.

$studentOneName = 'Dave';
$studentOneGPA = 3.8;

$studentTwoName = 'Treasure';
$studentTwoGPA = 4.0;

//Place your code below this comment
function testGrade(float $grade, string $name ) {
  if($grade === 4.0) {
    echo "$name made the Honor roll";
} else {
  echo "$name has a GPA of $grade";

testGrade($studentOneGPA, $studentOneName);
echo "</br>";
testGrade($studentTwoGPA, $studentTwoName);

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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You may be a little ahead of things. Your function solution is very elegant, but based on the error message "Bummer: You need to check that $studentOneGPA is equal to 4.0" I'd guess the challenge is expecting to see explicit tests for each student separately.