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Andrew Phythian
Andrew Phythian
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"This works, but it's better with functions like this to return the HTML to the main code as a piece of text instead"

What is the explanation for this line? The HTML that the function was wrapped around was initially echo'd but then replaced by a variable.

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Alex Sandro
Alex Sandro
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I have found a good explanation here. Hope this helps!


function function_one() {
  echo "Value1";

function function_two() {
  return "Value2";

$foo = function_one();
$bar = function_two();


S Ananda
S Ananda
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That was a great link. It really helped me to understand it completely. Thanks Alex Sandro.

I imagine it has to do with clarity in the code as well as reusability. With the return value, echo displayText(); will run just fine. but if you don't have a return value, echo displayText() will create an error. Furthermore, if you wanted to test the output of displayText() in a conditiional, it would be much easier to compare if the function returned a value. if (displayText()=="Hello, world!"){echo "You did it!"}