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Tickets remaining don't reset after running the code

Hello! I ran my code until the tickets were sold out. Now, when a try to run the program again in the console, I always see that the tickets are sold out in the first step! I can't re-start the program to try to catch the exceptions. What should I do? Thanks in advance for your help!

Steven Tagawa
Steven Tagawa
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You'll have to format your code so we can see how everything is indented... Your workspaces are private, so that link won't work for anyone except you.

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Trevor J
Trevor J
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It’s because you have while tickets_remaning <= 1:.
It’s should be while tickets_remaning >= 1:

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Here is my code with the right format.


tickets_remaining = 100

while tickets_remaining <= 1:   
    print("There are {} tickets remaining in this moment".format(tickets_remaining))
    user_name = input("What's your name?  ")
    number_of_tickets = input("Hello, {}, how many tickets would you like?  ".format(user_name))
    number_of_tickets = int(number_of_tickets)
    total_price = number_of_tickets * TICKET_PRICE
    print("The total due is ${}  ".format(total_price))
    confirmation = input("Do you want to proceed? (Y/N)  ")
    if confirmation.lower() == 'y':
        tickets_remaining -= number_of_tickets
        #TODO: Gather credit card information and process it.
        print("Ups! You canceled the purchase process. Thank you anyways, {}. See you soon!!  ".format(user_name))
print("Sold out! Sorry, there are no tickets available  ")