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Alan Kuo
Alan Kuo
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To complaint a weird situation

So I downloaded the fun fact project from previous videos and used them to code till now, and when I started to run the app it crashed saying funFactActivity has stopped running.

The reason I found out is that our class is an abstract class which can't be instantiated.

I feel it's just strange that we can't inherit the code from previous videos and we have to figure out such a tiny detail in this video alone.

Is it for the sake of training us to debugging?

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Maciej Czuchnowski
Maciej Czuchnowski
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I think the videos mostly assume you're coding along from the very beginning. But I don't think the abstract thing was intentional. Most likely an accident. I will pass your complaint to someone who can fix that issue.

I am getting that same issue. The app crashes and gives an error message. Except mine says "depreciated API usage" on Android Studio. Currently still trying to figure out how to fix it. Please give an update when a solution is found. Thanks!