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Wojciech Kwiatkowski
Wojciech Kwiatkowski
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toLowerCase() method makes problem

Everything with my script is ok until I add the toLowerCase() method. Why is it a problem? Am I writing it wrong? When I add toLowerCase() in line 4, the script does not open and DevTools shows me that comment: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined.

What is wrong?

Below is my script. Please help.

var inStock = [ 'apples', 'eggs', 'milk', 'cookies', 'cheese', 'bread', 'lettuce', 'carrot', 'broccoli', 'pizza', 'potato', 'crackers', 'onion', 'tofu', 'frozen dinner', 'cucumber'];
var search;
search = search.toLowerCase();
function print(message) {
  document.write( '<p>' + message + '</p>');

while (true) {
  search = prompt ("Search for a product in our store. Type 'list' to show all of the produce and 'quit' to exit");
  if (search === 'quit') {
  } else if (search === 'list') {
    print (inStock.join (', ') )
  } else {
    if (inStock.indexOf (search) > -1) {
      print ("Yes, we have " +search +" in the store.");
    } else {
      print ("No, we do not have " +search +" in the store.");

2 Answers

Where you have it now search has been declared, but nothing has been assigned to the variable yet which is causing the error.

search = search.toLowerCase() should be moved into the loop just after the prompt so that you update the current value of search.