JavaScript Treehouse Club - MASH MASH - JavaScript Handle Submission and Event Handler Functions

juan torres
juan torres
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Too much info!

I feel a little confused... Too many things at once...:(

agreed, thanks Liam.

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Liam English
Liam English
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I find that it is extremely easy to complete a video, and then move on quickly (whether you fully understand the particular tutorial or not).

Re-watching the video (as many times as it takes), re-taking that section of the track, or stepping away and practicing in a local environment, or CodePen, jsfiddle etc are very helpful.

Remember, you can always slow the video down if it is moving too fast, as well as pausing. Also, the - 10 seconds button is awesome, as well as the community forums.

Stick with it and things will definitely start to become much easier.