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total failure ! ! ! ! !

its sad, but I think that it is the first time I m having a bad experience with a course in Treehouse, I really don't get anything, details aren't explained well, like at all, I watched the video 3 times and couldn't understand why are we setting up the gem file in the first place, WHAT IS RSPEC AND CAPYBARA AND WHAT DO THEY DO !!!!!!!!! nothing against the teacher but he s going very fast, skipping things that he must have explained during the video, I'm kind of disappointed honestly, kind of lost my envy and desire to learn ruby at all !

I'm talking personally !

3 Answers

Jeremy Conley
Jeremy Conley
16,657 Points

I agree completely. I don't pay a subscription on here to go and look up everything on Google. Poorly explained tutorial.

Garrett Carver
Garrett Carver
14,681 Points

I think your criticism of the course so far is mostly valid. There isn't a lot of explanation to someone who is completely new to this subject. It also doesn't explain that there may be huge inconsistencies between the video and what you actually have to do on your personal system.

However, I have worked as a developer and part of the job is being in this situation where you are stuck and don't know the answer, and you are on your own to figure it out. The most valuable skill you will have as a Dev is to know how to search to find your answers and trying them with trial and error. It takes a certain persistence and patience that you gain with time and experience. I think a lot of PC gamers understand this, as they sometimes have to search around for solution to a bug the game has on their system. They are motivated and rewarded once they find the fix by playing their favorite game.

It might sound like the worst job ever to someone who is just starting out, but it's actually really great how capable you will become. Plus the perks of being the only person in your company that understands how things actually work are what makes it worth it.

Take a break and come back to the problem with a clear head and mindset on fixing the issues. Don't give up!

Donald McLamb
Donald McLamb
2,867 Points


Sorry you are having issues, but you can google the things you are not being explained in the video.

They are both frameworks/libraries. Rspec is used for testing purposes, most general purpose programming languages come with libraries for testing purposes and they are often used with test driven development. Testing is really important in a business setting, basically you write tests to confirm that your methods/classes and other objects are performing as expected. It is a common standard to write test files for applications. Here is a sample of rspec read the comments to the right for descriptions:

describe Hash do #look at the class hash
  before do #before running the test create an instance of hash and pass in the hash ":hello => 'world"
    @hash = Hash.new({:hello => 'world'})

  it "should return a blank instance" do
    Hash.new.should == {} # the class hash.new should be blank

  it "hash the correct information in a key" do
    @hash[:hello].should == 'world' #the instance key should equal world

You can read about CAPYBARA here:


It is a framework for testing also but is geared towards web apps and will use syntax similar to what is above.

Thanks i did search on google, but if i m here is to learn from HERE and not to have to look for the same things elsewhere, i would look for smthg to go deeper!