Python Python Basics (2015) Letter Game App Exiting

Toubleshooting objective anser

Obviously doing something wrong, cannot figure out what or why? Thanks in advance.
import sys

def start_movie():  
    answer = input("Would you like to start the movie? ").lower()
    if answer != 'n':
        print("Enjoy the show!")

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AJ Salmon
AJ Salmon
5,673 Points

Hey Jared,

Your function works perfectly, but this challenge isn't asking for you to write a function! You just need to delete line 3 and move lines 4-8 out of the start_movie function (un-indent a step). Hope this helps! you AJ! seems to be this simplicity and over-complications that are throwing me snags learning this. Appreciate your feedback.

AJ Salmon
AJ Salmon
5,673 Points

My pleasure! Sometimes it's easy to mix up exactly what the challenge is asking for. If you were writing a complete program, it would actually be ideal to write a start_movie function, so you could call it later. You totally had the right idea :) You just had a little more than you needed. Happy coding!!!