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General Discussion

Tracks are now unlocked for all pre-existing Track members

Hi folks!

We recently updated Tracks to replace old courses with more up-to-date content. However, it became clear that new courses were interfering with some students’ progress through the Tracks. We're really sorry for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience.

As a temporary solution, we've unlocked all Track levels for those of you who are currently on a Track. This will remain the case for you so long as you remain on your current Track and don't switch to a different one. Your Track will still require the completion of the new content in order to officially be "completed", but your access to the Track's content should no longer be restricted by the locks. Note that the "Resume" button will still take you to the first incomplete course in your Track (for many of you, this will be the newly-added content).

The new Track design provides strong guidance for a start-to-finish approach to learning new technology. While the tier structure isn't going away, we are working on features that combine the cohesiveness of a Track but prefer the unrestricted access of the Library.

Technology is always changing, so future updates to the Track courses are inevitable. Moving forward, however, these updates should be seamless and convenient for you.

If you have any questions about today's update, or if you suspect something may be broken or amiss, please let me know!

Michael Paulmeno
Michael Paulmeno
6,373 Points

I have noticed some of the reward videos seem out of order. For example I had unlocked up to "The Arrival" Chapter 5 or so and the next one was "Creative Control" Chapter 3. Is that a side effect of the update?

Michael Paulmeno It's unrelated, but we're aware of that issue and are actively fixing it.

I signed up a couple of weeks ago and I have been working along the "how to make a website" track, noticed its all unlocked now so does that mean I am on an old track?

Very happy about this. The locks were annoying in areas I already knew and didn't need lessons on. I was going around them by searching for individual classes outside of the tracks. Good observation TH.

Tom Lawrence Your Track still has the most recent content, so you're good to go!

Lora L. Abe can it not be possible to edit the track or have notifications of new courses asking wether or not they want to add them to their tracks? Just asking cause then we can edit the contents of our tracks when new course come along and choice wether to add them to our current tracks or not. Just think that would work great for most.


Hugh Forsyth
Hugh Forsyth
4,529 Points

As one of the people who complained to support about this, well done for acting so quickly.

In my case the frustration was being part way through a track and suddenly been sent back to the beginning because the first super basic module had been swapped out for a new one. I'm encouraged by the updating of the materials but it should not disrupt learning and waste people's time.

In my case I left a track in the middle of fairly advanced CSS stuff and resumed the track at the beginning of the what an H1 tag is. It confused the hell out of me initially.

My problem is that the tracks now feel like shifting sands with goal posts being moved and I fear I will never complete one if parts are constantly being swapped out and need to be retaken. Against my better judgement, I went back and completed the new stage and it took me about 8 hours. I wish I hadn't now (although the new course was better than the old one it was very basic introductory stuff and was not worth the time).

What is missing is version control of the tracks. If I start version 1 of a track and it lists 10 stages then that should stay the same until I finish it. At least previously taken stages should not change, if not future ones. Or give people a choice, e.g., "We've now published version 2 of the track, you might want to go back and redo stage 5 as it has newer information in it".

It's a bit like signing up for a 6 week course at my local college with a published course schedule and during week 4 they say, "Oh by the way, we need you redo week 1 as we've changed it now. For you this is now a 7 week course. You won't learn anything much you didn't learn in the first week but you have to do this to pass". It feels like breaking a contract.

And yes, it is possible to take the courses individually but I really like the resume track feature.

5 Answers

Josiah Keller
Josiah Keller
12,810 Points

On the subject of the reward videos, are you guys planning on releasing any more? I kind of miss them, since I unlocked all the ones you have some time back.

Our content team has been pretty focused on new courses, but it sounds like we've got one last reward video in the works, though there isn't a set release date just yet.

Josiah Keller you unlocked them all...? But have you been to HTM-Hell! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsycDWmv_a8

OK... That was about as much 80's production quality as I could take at one time. Well done.

Thomas Joseph Meneses
Thomas Joseph Meneses
9,838 Points

Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of non-linear track progression. The way they depend on each other seems off, though. For example, Console Foundations doesn't require knowledge of any other course to be completed, and yet it's dependent on the completion of all other courses in the PHP Development track. Similarly, although jQuery Basics seems to include some knowledge of CSS Foundations (because of the css() method), Javascript Foundations needs no such prerquisite.

If you guys could polish up the implementation of courses within a track so that each course remains locked only until all prerequisite courses are completed, I would completely fall in love with the feature.

No clue why anyone could possibly be bothered by the locking of levels. Just finish the level. Or go to the library if you want to skip around.

I was wondering why the How-to-design a website track was shown as not being completed when I already did. Good luck with the debugging. :)

I had the same problem, but it's a new and better basic project (Portfolio Site). No "Smells like bakin" anymore. Your old project is completed too with all your points. Just search within the projects ;)