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Martins Ratkus
Martins Ratkus
12,665 Points

Trouble with Techdegree

Umm hey guys! Never received answer on the Slack so I am hoping to receive answer/advice/tip here. I have made my third "front-end" Techdegree project and had 2 rejects already. First time I understood why I was rejected (forgot to hook up label with <textarea> with "for" attribute ). Second time was very confusing, so here is reviewer's comment: "Your code is looking really good!

However, I noticed two labels are not associated with an input field (e.g. line 114). These should be a <p> or <span> element. A label should be reserved for control elements within a form. Any word not associated with controls should be contained within another type of element.

All in all, your code looks great!"
I know that labels "should" be associated with controls however in this video (https://teamtreehouse.com/library/html-forms/choosing-options/checkboxes) it shows that you can use <label> without associating it with <input> by using "for" attribute... It is becoming very frustrating that you get rejected again only because of "should". Also why it wasn't mentioned first time my work was rejected? :thinking_face:

Sincerely, Martin

3 Answers

Hello everyone!

I've clarified this with Martins in our slack channels for the Techdegree already, but I just want to make sure there's an answer provided here.

I looked into this project review, but the most recent reviewer was correct. In the instructions and the Meets Expectations text for this project, it states:

Make sure you properly pair each <label> element with its corresponding form control via the for attribute. See the link above for an example.

and in the needs work grade guidelines for the project, it specifies:

Labels are not properly associated with its form field.

I do understand that the example in the video demonstrates a label element being used in another way. From time to time, practices change, evolve, and improve, and at Treehouse we're constantly working to update content as it grows older.

The HTML spec doesn't spell out that labels should not be used for anything other than pairing with one input. But it also doesn't say that a div shouldn't be used as a body tag in the div spec. To do so would make the docs prohibitively long. It's just not what it's for. Using elements for their intended purpose only is a best practice, thus why we've tried to make sure you don't by making this an "needs work" qualification on the project. Because we want to see you use it properly. If the video is a little misleading, I'll look into having a teacher's note added to the video for the time being.

I'm sorry the first reviewer seemed to not specify this. A grade is never lowered due to something found after the rubric has passed, as a hard-fast rule. However, in this case, the rubric wasn't passed in the first review, so the reviewer wasn't wrong in not passing it a second time. Be sure to see if someone can check your project before turning it in to do your best to minimize errors, and be sure to check all the criteria for passing before each submission. It saves a lot of time, and I am sympathetic to these concerns.



This project looks familiar, I am sure it was me that reviewed the first submission.

When you reviewing a project, you get a checklist similar to the "How you'll be graded" section.

With regards to the labels, in order to pass each form field needs a matching label, which yours has.

Then the HTML and CSS needs to be valid which yours is.

Hopefully, someone will correct me if I am wrong and I will change how I review projects in the future, but after watching the videos about reviewing projects and reading the criteria for each project.

Unless it is in the grading criteria, you cannot fail the project, but instead should just highlight what you found and include a message about best practice.

Personally, I think in this case it should have passed because it met the criteria and it should have just been added as a note.

Perhaps it could be worth emailing Treehouse for support to relook at this one, or hopefully, a Mod will confirm what is best.



Martins Ratkus
Martins Ratkus
12,665 Points

Yeah I completely agree with you, and you was completely fair as I actually didn't meet the requirements in the first time I submitted project. But second time the reason I was rejected seemed very questionable. I am completely ok with critiques but each time I get rejected for doubtful reasons, I get penalty which results in longer studies / more money spent on courses..

Yes completely agree, I would definitely question this one as I think I would feel the same way, to be honest.

Not sure exactly what the procedure is, but hopefully they will review this and accept this project, would be interested to see how you get on as it could change my approach to project reviews going forward.

Best of luck,