Python Python Basics (2015) Logic in Python Try and Except

Sagar Jain
Sagar Jain
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try and except in python

not able to use it properly
def add(num1,num2):
                         return (float(num1)+float(num2))
                    except ValueError:


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Zara Thomas
Zara Thomas
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In this case, I think the else block is unnecessary, since you already have that same line of code in the try block; there is no need to repeat it. Instead of putting in ValueError, try using TypeError. I think the TypeError is what you want because it indicates that the wrong type of input was used (so a string instead of an integer, etc.) Also, you should probably put something inside your except block, like return "That's not a number!" so that when a string, for example, is passed into your function, there will still be an output.