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trying same javascript function with JQuerry

// javascript code

const input = document.querySelector('input'); const button = document.querySelector('button'); const p = document.querySelector('p.description');

button.addEventListener('click', () => {

p.textContent = input.value + ':';


// jQuery code


var v = $('input').val();
if(v == ''){
alert("Enter Some Text In Input Field");

} $('p.description').html() = v.val();


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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Assuming that jQuery is being properly loaded, the problem is this line:

  $('p.description').html() = v.val();

You can't assign something to a method call, but the way the "html" method works is that you give it the value you want used as an argument inside the parentheses. Also, the variable "v" represents the value and not the element, so it has no "val" method. Finally, if you want it to do the same job as the plain JavaScript code, you'll need to append a colon to that value:

  $("p.description").html(v + ":");

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