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Trying to install latest Ruby (version 2.3.0 on Mac OS X using rbenv as shown in tutorial)

Error message in terminal said : "definition not found: 2.3.0" see all available versions with 'rbenv install --list' If the version you need is missing, try upgrading ruby - build

then shows a file path /plugins/ruby-build && git pull && cd

I am a complete noob with terminal commands and git/pull commands etc. How do I properly install latest version of Ruby 2.3.0 using this rbenv ? *Note: I did not install using home brew, I followed tutorial basically identically however I am installing latest version of Ruby.

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Hi Paul,

It looks like you might want to install/upgrade ruby-build (different from ruby) via homebrew. This is something rbenv needs to run correctly. See this this bug report on Github.

Do you have homebrew installed?

Best, Cena

Hey Cena, thanks for the response, it looks like I successfully installed ruby to latest version (without home-brew, used rbenv), and the terminal properly shows this after restarting my computer and terminal. I used command ruby -v and shows current updated version. Everything's good so far.

Yeah, so the error you ran into means that ruby-build was out of date. It's what provides the build definitions for the various Ruby versions for rbenv. How you update it depends a bit on how you installed it. But should you see this again in the future, just check the ruby-build docs on upgrading.