Python Introduction to Data Visualization with Matplotlib Chart Toppers Our Data Set - Flower Power

Trying to open data set to iris flowers and getting an error message?

Instructions to add files to your notebook

Download the project files using the Download tab above.
Unzip the file and navigate to the folder "s2v1" (Stage 2, Video 1).
In your Notebook, go to File > Open and navigate to the unzipped folder.

I followed those steps and get an error message when I open the '' folder. The error message is:

'Error! C:\Users\D\Downloads\ is not UTF-8 encoded saving disabled. See console for more details.'

Any insight is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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You are trying to access the zip file from jupyter itself. Unzip the zip file outside of jupyter first. Then navigate to s2v1 within the unzipped folder from jupyter.

Much appreciated!