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Typo on

Just FYI: on , under the heading "Classes are Reusable", your HTML has multiple examples of <img> tags, like the example below:

<img class="thumbnail" src="thumb-01.jpg" alt="..." /> <img class="thumbnail" src="thumb-02.jpg" alt="..." /> <img class="thumbnail" src="thumb-03.jpg" alt="..." />

But the CSS code says:

.img-thumbnail { width: 150px; }

The typo could be confusing. Please remove "img-" so that it says:

.thumbnail { width: 150px; }

(or update the <img> tags so that their classes are "img-thumbnail". Either/or)

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
207,988 Points

When I look at that page, I see that the examples do show class="img-thumbnail".

If it wasn't like that 3 hours ago, you probably deserve an "Exterminator" badge! :wink:
You may want to write the Support folks to remind them if you're certain it was different before.

Thanks Steven Parker , it definitely wasn't like that earlier, someone must have fixed it. Thanks for the update!