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undefined method error in Ruby on Rails!

NoMethodError in Statuses#edit

Showing c:/treebook/app/views/statuses/_form.html.erb where line #13 raised:

undefined method `user_id' for #<Status:0x4151d90> Extracted source (around line #13):

10: </ul> 11: </div> 12: <% end %> 13: <%= f.input :user_id %> 14: <%= f.input :content %> 15: <div class="form-actions"> 16: <%= f.button :submit %>

the 13th line is where the error is..

I created and edited this .rb file along with 'Installing simple_form'

class AddUserIdToStatuses < ActiveRecord::Migration def change add_column :statuses, :user_id, :integer add_index :statuses, :user_id remove_column :statuses, :name end



class Status < ActiveRecord::Base attr_accessible :content, :user_id


Please give me your solution!

1 Answer

Jason Seifer
Jason Seifer
Treehouse Guest Teacher

Hey Dongju Seo sorry for the trouble! Jim fixes that issue in the following video:


Try following along there and let us know if you still have problems.

I just found that add_user_id_to_statuses.rb was named as 'add_user_to_statuses.rb'! Could this be the cause of that error? so,, I typed 'rake db:reset' and 'rake db:migrate', and the latter aborted.

c:\Projects\treebook>rake db:reset
Couldn't drop db/development.sqlite3 : #<Errno::EACCES: Permission denied - c:/Projects/treebook/db/development.sqlite3>
Couldn't drop db/test.sqlite3 : #<Errno::ENOENT: No such file or directory - c:/

Projects/treebook/db/test.sqlite3> db/development.sqlite3 already exists -- create_table("statuses", {:force=>true}) -> 0.1290s -- add_index("statuses", ["user_id"], {:name=>"index_statuses_on_user_id"}) -> 0.0980s -- create_table("users", {:force=>true}) -> 0.1320s -- add_index("users", ["email"], {:name=>"index_users_on_email", :unique=>true})

   -> 0.0670s
-- add_index("users", ["reset_password_token"], {:name=>"index_users_on_reset_password_token", :unique=>true})
-> 0.0940s
-- initialize_schema_migrations_table()
   -> 0.1960s
-- assume_migrated_upto_version(20130603080528, ["c:/Projects/treebook/db/migrate"])
 -> 0.2800s
You have 1 pending migrations:
20130603223719 AddUserIdToStatuses
Run `rake db:migrate` to update your database then try again.

c:\Projects\treebook>rake db:migrate
==  AddUserIdToStatuses: migrating         ============================================
-- add_column(:statuses, :user_id, :integer)
rake aborted!
An error has occurred, this and all later migrations canceled:

SQLite3::SQLException: duplicate column name: user_id: ALTER TABLE "statuses" ADD "user_id" integerc:/Projects/treebook/db/migrate/20130603223719_add_user_id_to

_statuses.rb:3:in change' C:inmigrate' Tasks: TOP => db:migrate (See full trace by running task with --trace)

PS. when I wrote one status, It gave me a similar error.

NoMethodError in Statuses#index

Showing c:/Projects/treebook/app/views/statuses/index.html.erb where line #10 raised:

undefined method `full_name' for nil:NilClass Extracted source (around line #10):

8: <% @statuses.each do |status| %>
9: <div class="status">
10:   <strong><%= status.user.full_name %></strong>
11:     <p><%= status.content %></p>
12:     <div class="meta">
13:         <%= link_to time_ago_in_words(status.created_at) + " ago", status %>
Rails.root: c:/Projects/treebook
Jason Seifer
Jason Seifer
Treehouse Guest Teacher

It looks like you already have the user_id column in your statuses table. Try doing a rake db:reset and rake db:migrate and let us know if it works.

Thanks, I just fixed it.