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Android Build a Simple Android App (2014) Basic Android Programming Adding the onClick() Method

Understanding what this code means exactly

I just wanted to clear up my understanding of the following code:

View.OnClickListener Listener = new View.OnClickListener() {
            public void onClick(View view) {            // Detects when button is clicked
                                                        // Then this code block is ran
                // The button was clicked, updates fact label with new fact
                String fact = "";
                // Randomly select another fact
                Random randomGenerator = new Random();  // Construct new random number generator
                int randomNumber = randomGenerator.nextInt(3);

                //fact = randomNumber + "";       // Converts the randomNumber to string

                // Randomly update label with dynamic fact



Ok so that 1st bit: View.OnClickListener Listener = new View.OnClickListener(). Creates a new onclicklistener called listener. But what is the "View.onClickListener" actually doing. It looks like View is a class and onClickListener is a method or variable or somehing.

2nd bit: There is a semicolon after the code block for the listener }; and then there's the "showFactButton.setOnClickListener(Listener);". My understanding is that "View.OnClickListener Listener = new View.OnClickListener()..." is like a function prototype where a function is being defined and declared. and the "showFactButton.setOnClickListener(Listener);" is calling that function where showFactButton is an object and setOnClickListener is the method/function we've just declared with the parameter "Listener".

Sorry if I'm sounding very jumbled or redundant. Most of this looks like C++ to me and I just don't want to get things from the 2 mixed up

Murat Hasdemir
.a{fill-rule:evenodd;}techdegree seal-36
Murat Hasdemir
Front End Web Development Techdegree Graduate 20,968 Points

for first bit: View is a class and onClick is a method thats right in android we have some core classes which we can call and use their methods. You will see they are all common things that we uses in our apps. for second part : yes

for programming actually basics are same methodology is different so you can see so many similarities on the way.

1 Answer

Wesley Seago
Wesley Seago
10,424 Points

"View.onClickListener listener = new onClickListener() {}"

In Java, the new keyword creates an object. In this statement, "View.onClickListener" defines the object type that is being declared.

"listener" is the variable name that you are assigning to the object that you are about to create. (this is case sensitive, and in your question you state Listener/listener. Be careful. Also, the variable name should be lowercase/camelCase, not Uppercase for a variable.)

"=" is the assignment operator. You have stated what type of object and what variable name. After the equals sign you will define the object.

"new" as stated above is a Java keyword for creating objects.

"onClickListener()" is actually a call to the constructor method.

In pseudo-speak you are saying "Create a new object of the type onClickListener, using the constructor method onClickListener(), and name it "listener".

The final portion, "showFactButton.setOnClickListener(listener)" is assigning the "onClickListener" with the variable name "listener" to the "showFactButton".

Pseudo-speak for this would be "Listen to the button named 'showFactButton', and if it is clicked, run the 'onClick' method that is associated with the 'listener' object.

I hope this helps to clear it up a little for you.