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John Griswold
John Griswold
2,184 Points

Uninstall/Reinstall Android Studio

I started following the Android track after I installed the tools. After the FunFacts segment, I found it difficult to keep up using different tools, so I decided to install the suggested version. Hilarity ensued. Now I have a mess! I've unintalled SDK and AS, and reinstalling the suggested AS keeps giving me errors that I don't have the 2.2.1 platform installed, and I'm stuck.

Can someone give me a how-to, using little words? I'm a 30+ years procedural programmer trying to retrain myself for today's job market.

Windows 8.1 laptop, 16G RAM

Thanks John

4 Answers

Harry James
Harry James
14,780 Points

Hey John!

I'll try my best to guide you through removing all of the Android Studio files on a Windows System. Note that some files may be located in a different location depending on where you chose to install and the versions you've been using so if something is not in its normal place, please let me know.

Please follow all of the steps below in order.

Run the uninstaller

The first step is to run the uninstaller. Open Control Panel by accessing it from the menu when you right-click the Start Button (This applies for Windows 8 systems). Then, under Programs, select Uninstall a Program. After that, click on Android Studio and press Uninstall. If you have multiple versions, uninstall them as well.

After you have uninstalled Android Studio, it is recommended that you restart before proceeding with the steps below.

Remove the Android Studio files

To delete any remains of Android Studio setting files, in Windows Explorer (The file browser in Windows), type this as the File Path:


Replacing [YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME] with the username of your account on Windows. If you don't know your username, navigate to C:\Users and it will list all users on the system.

Here, delete .android, .AndroidStudio and any versions of this directory with versions on the end, .gradle and .m2.

Then, go to

C:\Users\Harry\[YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME]\Roaming

and delete the JetBrains directory.

Finally, go to

C:\Program Files

and delete the Android directory.

Remove the SDK

To delete any remains of the SDK, in Windows Explorer, type this in as the File Path:


Here, delete the Android directory.

(Optional) Delete all previous projects

If you want to delete any of your previous projects, the directory where your projects are found is the AndroidStudioProjects directory. It is located in your root user file, C:\Users\[YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME]\.

Hopefully this will now have deleted the Android Studio files and you can now try reinstalling the tools.

If you have any problems doing so, give me a shout :)

John Griswold
John Griswold
2,184 Points

First of all, thank you for taking time out of your day to help. I did all that, then followed the instructions Ben put forth in the "setting-up-an-android-development-environment-for-windows" almost to the letter - I put Android Studio in C:\Program Files\android-studio. It started up OK, and I opened the project, which presented only one gripe, that AS used to be in C:\Program Files]Android Studio\android-studio. After a build attempt, I get a message similar to the one I had before: Installing Archives: Preparing to install archives Downloading SDK Platform Android 5.1.1, API 22, revision 2 URL not found: C:\Program Files\android-studio\sdk\temp\android-22_r02.zip (Access is denied) Done. Nothing was installed.

It appears that the zip file cannot be retrieved from Google, but I don't know how to progress beyond scratching my head. I'd appreciate any hints that could allow me to proceed.

Thanks again, John

John Griswold
John Griswold
2,184 Points

Figured it out. Doh. I had installed SDK under \Program Files\, and Windows (silently) objected to that, disallowing such fun things as fetching android-22_r02.zip, which subsequently could not be found and unzipped.

Removed SDK from \Program Files and put it under \Users\John and things are at least moving in the right direction. He says confidently.

Thanks for listening to the blather.


Harry James
Harry James
14,780 Points

Glad to hear you got it fixed John!

In the future, you should be able to run the SDK Manager as an Administrator which should give you access to the Program Files folder if you ever have the problem again.

If there's every anything else, give me a shout and I'll be happy to help out :)

Mohammad Abdur Rahman
Mohammad Abdur Rahman
1,986 Points

I'm facing same thing, i wanna delete Android Studio, but I'm using mac