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Unintentionally altering the continents list?

Getting this error when I try to print out a bulleted list of continents, though I'm not sure how I'm altering the continents list with it, aside from maybe adding the bullet? But it asked for that, maybe I'm going about the bulleting the wrong way?

"Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 40, in test_code_untouched AssertionError: 7 != 9 : Please don't alter the continents list"
continents = [
    'South America',
    'North America',
for continents in continents:
    print("* " + continents)

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Pedro Cabral
Pedro Cabral
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You want to loop through each continent(singular) in the list continents(plural) and do something to each individual item, so inside the loop: continent (singular again).

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Thanks, yea I forgot all about using a variable to loop through the list contents singularly, been too sporadic with my coding practice lately that things are starting to fog up. Back to work!