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Unsure of what error i'm making and there aren't any compiler errors

i'm supposed to be printing to the console "First name: " and the string.
// I have imported for you.  It is a variable called console.
String firstName = "Glenn";

String lastName = "Akens";

console.printf("First Name: %s", firstName);

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adrian miranda
adrian miranda
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The question asked you to get the name by calling readLine, and store that in firstName. Instead you have first set the firstName variable to a name, and then called readLine with firstName as an argument. You are not taking the value that was retrieved by readLine and storing it in firstName.

Spoiler alert!

This is how you would actually use readLine:

String firstName = console.readLine();

Does that make more sense? You are calling readLine, and it returns a value, and you then want to store that value into firstName.