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Layla Wu
Layla Wu
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Updates for Rails 4.2.3

I'm following the "Build a Todo List App" tutorial using Rails 4.2.3. I had trouble getting my Rspec to work properly. After some fiddling and googling, I did the following changes to my files to get the Rspec to work:

  • put my "web-console" gem in development mode only: gem 'web-console', group: :development
  • in my gem file, I updated my "rspec-rails" to 3.4 and higher: gem 'rspec-rails', '~>3.4'
  • again in gem file, updated "capybara" to 2.4 and higher: gem 'capybara', '~>2.4' used
  • "bundle exec rspec spec/features/todo_lists/create_spec.rb" to run rspec. or "bundle exec rspec" to run all examples

Hope this will be helpful to people who use the same version Rails.

Joshua "TechDev" Walker
Joshua "TechDev" Walker
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Layla Wu I just wanted to say thank you!

I had a few things extra I had to do, due to my Ruby being out of date but this helped me fix everything!

I got stuck on testing too and wasnt sure what I was doing wrong lol