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uploading picture full picture on resume

when i review my resume the img that i get from is just a little square indication that a pic is suppose to be there, but it is not linkable, nor does it display a full size pic....what am i doing wrong?

6 Answers

Good Morning Kitt Prescott,

Can you please provide me the code source to better answer your question. I can assume if your trying to have your image link. Your going to need a href with a link attached.

Ex: <a href="#"><img src="#" Alt="#"></a>

Whenever you get a little image icon, most likely the src needs to be updated to the correct picture url online or image file folder.

but please provide me with a snippet of your code so I can best answer your question.

copy and paste code, that might work. I also updated my answer above.

i tried to copy and paste and even use ctrl + c and it does not work....thanks for trying to help though...

the resume browser is called Kit Prescott's resume. My workspace is if that doesnt help i dont know what esle to do but thank you for your time....

Says the same message, bummer! page doesn't exist. Sorry I couldn't help better, but try using the information Iv'e mention and troubleshoot. Also you can copy and paste your question i the google search engine and find a good solution. I general do that when I get stuck.

thanks how to send you my snap shot i tried and this is what is shows me....i try again