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Use the favorite_color variable in your print function to output the following message to the screen

I have no idea why this is not working or what I'm supposed to type. Why can't I type any more than this in the box??
input("What is your favorite color?")
favorite_color = "Mauve"
mauve = ("The color", favorite_color, "is a great color!")

I didn't ask it to include code, but it has, I couldn't type more than 2 sentences when I was trying to submit the question... Is this path bugging out or something? Because I did this question yesterday, fine. And now, nothing is working and it si doing a bunch of things I'd asked it not to.

It keeps telling me to use Red and then use Mauve.... what the hell is going on???

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Tabatha Trahan
Tabatha Trahan
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If you assign the results of the input to a variable named favorite_color, and then print out the string using the variable, it should work:

favorite_color = input("What is your favorite color?")
print("The color " + favorite_color + " is a great color")

So you are just taking the input and storing it in favorite_color. Then you are printing a string and adding the variable.

Thank you so much 🙏