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Lucas Navalesi
Lucas Navalesi
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Using Databases in Python ( AND A FEW QUESTIONS MORE)

Hi! I'm new to this world so I ask if you can explain me as a child.

Question 1: I'm stuck in this exercise ... I do not know what I'm doing wrong.

Question 2: I was following the exercises and everything was fine but the jump of the last course (regular expressions) to this left me without understanding too much ... I can do what they tell me but without understanding it in depth that I am doing. The question is: what other knowledge (Treehouse courses) should know? ANY ADVICE OR OPINION?


from peewee import *

db = SqliteDatabase('challenges.db')

class Challenge(Model):
    name = CharField(max_length=100)
    language = CharField(max_length=100)
    steps = IntegerField(default=1)

    class Meta:
        database = db

def initialize():
    db.create_table([Challenge], safe=True)

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Lucas Navalesi
Lucas Navalesi
3,600 Points

[SOLVED] i was missing an "S" in the end of the "(...) create_table[S] (....)".