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Jonathan Grieve
Jonathan Grieve
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Using Iron-node

I have iron-node installed but it doesn;t appear to be working. I can't access it while nodemon is running and while iron-node is working with iron-node src/app.js it just sits there and doesn't do anything.

I can put debugger commands and my text editor recognises it as a keyword however I can't access the backend files via Chrome Devtools like Huston does but only the files generated when I use nodemon.

Help!! :-)

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Ken Howard
Ken Howard
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While this course introduces iron-node it is not required to complete the course. Things have changed somewhat with the application that aren't addressed in the course material.

If you want to get this working I'd suggest reading the readme for iron-node:

I have the same issue but I didn't see anything in the readme that would solve this problem.

james south
james south
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i got it to work by using the windows command prompt instead of git bash where i installed iron node.