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Using 'local storage'

This this, video Guil Hernandez mentioned using local storage to make the app's content persist.

This is only true for the individual user correct? Meaning if you and I both go to the same page you are only going to see the content you add or remove, and I will only see what I have added or removed because this local storage is client side.

I suppose I am confused about the intended use case for this app. Is this an app you would send a link to all of your invitees to confirm on, or simply for the host to add/confirm on?

It might be a cool idea to have it passcode/pin protected so if pin A is used you're a host and can add people, however, if you're pin{hash} you are a guest and can confirm (only your user).


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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Your understanding of local storage seems correct.

If users were intended to share entries, you'd need some back-end support using a database, which is probably beyond the scope of this particular course.

Jay Reyes
Jay Reyes
Python Web Development Techdegree Student 15,935 Points

This app seems suited to only the host of the event. They could present it to an event committee, but I see it as a one-person show.