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Marian Mwendamberi
Marian Mwendamberi
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where am i going wrong
favorite_color=input("the color{favorate_color} is a great color!")

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Maxwell Newberry
Maxwell Newberry
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Make sure you're copying the content exactly as the challenge describes.

For example, in this challenge, make sure your prompt (input) says

favorite_color = input("What is your favorite color? ")

Then, for the second task, if you want to concatenate the inputted text, you can do so using the concatenation symbol in Python, which is + (plus sign).

print("The color " + favorite_color + " is a great color!")

Or, doing the approach (I think) you're going with in using the format() method:

print("The color {} is a great color!".format(favorite_color))

Good luck!

Carmine Lentini
Carmine Lentini
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As Maxwell as already suggested you should not put anything within the curly braces. Instead, consider using .format()