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value.hasValidArguments is not a function

My solution is this:

const https   = require( "https" );

const request = https.get( "", response => {
    console.log( response.statusCode );

request.on( 'error', error => console.error( error.message ) );

Pretty sure it's right (works fine in my local dev env), but gives me a weird error in the treehouse exercise in the browser:

(X) Bummer! value.hasValidArguments is not a function

Anyone know what is going on?

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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This might be a limitation of the challenge.

It could be that the challenge mechanism may have a dependency on the arguments object, which is not established for functions created using the "arrow" notation. Try creating your error handler using a conventional anonymous function definition and see if that fixes the issue.

Yeah - that's what it was, thanks!