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Emil Haroutunian
Emil Haroutunian
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Variable named language

im putting var str = "swift" but my error says make sure your variable is a named language. What do I do?

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var str = "swift"

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make sure your variable is named language

var language = "Swift"
Caleb Kleveter
Caleb Kleveter
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Your variable looks like this:

var str = "swift"

A variable has 4 components:

  • The variable keyword (var)
  • The name of the variable (in your case str)
  • The assignment operator (=)
  • The variable's value (in your case "swift")

The error you are getting says you need to make sure you have a variable named language, so you should change the second component I listed to fix that. Though your code technically works, the challenge expects a specific name for the variable.

As a side note, make sure the casing of the string you assign the variable to is correct. Swift might be correct while swift could cause the challenge to fail.