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Variable Not Being Stored from Called Function

I have tried about every which way I can think of for this code to worked and reach watched videos from this unit and to me it seems as though this code that I have written should work. The first part of the task I complete no problem. I create the function, and the return to be able to return whatever value is called. The second part of the task I keep getting the error stating that I am "not storing the value in the variable", but the variable is set for the value of my parameter "anything". Not sure what I am missing.

Please review and advise.

function returnValue (anything) {
    return anything;
    var echo = anything;
returnValue ('hello');
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Eric Butler
Eric Butler
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Hey David, So there's an important thing to understand about functions and the "return" statement, which is that as soon as a return statement is reached, the function immediately stops processing all other code inside the function. What you have there, you're calling the function and passing the string "hello" into it. The function immediately sees a return statement, so it immediately returns the string you passed in. The var echo = anything line is never read or evaluated. Try moving that line above the return statement, and then I'm willing to bet that you should return echo, which will still be the string you passed in since that's the value it's been assigned, but that would give echo some reason for being there.

Hope that helps you, let me know!


You are a lifesaver!! I would've been willing to bet money that I had tried that at some point, but clearly I had not. I guess I interpreted the instructions "After your newly created returnValue function" literally and just assumed it needed to go after.

Thank you!

Eric Butler
Eric Butler
32,452 Points

Awesome! Glad I could help.