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Was CSS a sole contender for styling HTML?


Did any other markup language stand a chance at a competing with CSS when it came out? I'm curious, because when I hear about Tim Berners Lee and HTML, I don't hear any other names; likewise, it seems like two men from the Netherlands and Norway came up with CSS, but I don't hear of anyone else. I may have heard of some markup language for lawyers coming out before HTML, but don't recall what it was. XML came out after, right?



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Considering CSS started in 94, published in 96, IE 5 providing full support in 99, the evolving market practically had to adapt it as a standard. Some say the closest competitor in history is most likely Flash.

However, there was a browser called Viola that had it's own styling back in 92. NCSA Mosaic was another, it helped pioneer the internet. But in terms of styling, it had it's own downfall due to allowing users to change certain colors and fonts.