Ruby Ruby Loops Build a Simple Contact List Assigning Hash Values From Methods

We need to set up the contact_list variable as an array filled with hashes. Each hash in the array is going to represent

i get stuck. can someone help me?

contact_list = [
  {"name" => "Jason", "phone_number" => "123"},
  {"name" => "Nick", "phone_number" => "456"}

contact_list.each do |contact|
  puts contact["name"]
  puts contact["phone_number"]

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Ari Misha
Ari Misha
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Hiya there! I know that question couldnt have made it more obscure about the final result. In task 1, you basically had to assign the value of name key to get_name which thows a string. Similarly, in task 2, The key phone_number needs to be assigned to get_phone_number which throw a string as well. And in the last task , you have to append the contact has to contact_list. Here is the code in case you get stucked:

contact_list = []

contact = {"name" => "", "phone_number" => "" }

contact["name"] = get_name
contact["phone_number"] = get_phone_number
contact_list << contact

~ Ari