CSS CSS Basics (2014) Basic Selectors Reusing Classes

Aaron Michael Ho
Aaron Michael Ho
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Weight of competing CSS selectors

In this video, it's mentioned that an "id" selector holds more weight than a "class" selector. So if an element has: -a blue background because of its "class"; and -a green background because of its "id"

      The resultant background would be blue.

Where does the 'type/element' selector come in? If my type selector calls for it to be gray, what color will the background be now?

      Still blue?

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Ezra Siton
Ezra Siton
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Who wins? in your case the ID

id > class > element

Why? The following list of selector types increases by specificity (MDN docs):

  1. Type selectors (e.g., h1) and pseudo-elements (e.g., :before).
  2. Class selectors (e.g., .example), attributes selectors (e.g., [type="radio"]) and pseudo-classes (e.g., :hover).
  3. ID selectors (e.g., #example).




color: blue;


color: orange


<p class="blue" id="orange">
  the color text is orange

Nice visual link to learn this issue: https://specificity.keegan.st/