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We've removed the reviews section from our website. Please remove all reviews. DELETE FROM reviews WHERE review = ??

I tried several conditions and I still have trouble figuring out how to delete the review column only. Rewatching the video to this question did not help. I was able to do the other 3 SQL Playground questions but this one stumped me.

4 Answers

Hi Eric,

It's asking you to remove all the rows from the table. Each row represents a review. So in order to remove a review, you have to delete the entire row. Not just the text of the review.

So for this query, you don't need the WHERE condition.

I realized the syntax is: DELETE <column name> FROM <tablename>;

Yes, this one was tricky.

I think you are thinking too deep into the question. He is only asking to remove Reviews from the database not the reviews column

delete from reviews;

Delete from reviews;

You did not require the where clause here as you want to delete all the records. This can be rolled back as delete is not auto commited.