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What am I doing incorrectly? text color is not changing when I enter LET Command.

What am I doing incorrectly? Text color is not changing when I enter either Let command or var.

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let FavoriteDessert = "IceCream" 

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The text color not changing seems to be a bug with the challenge workspace. It is not caused by any error you have made, it is an Issue on Treehouse's side.

But the color issue does not affect your code, if you enter a valid solution you will be able to pass. The problem with your current code is the fact that you have misnamed the constant, it should be named "favoriteDessert" you have named it "FavoriteDessert". Capitalization matters in programming, as far as the computer is concerned those two names are completely different, even though they might look quite similar to a human.

If you fix the name your code will pass.


Thank you!